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Domestic Violence Defense in Nassau County

Criminal Attorney Guidance for Serious Allegations

Disagreements between family members and domestic partners are a part of many people’s lives. Sometimes, these arguments can become so heated that law enforcement gets involved, and the situation ends with someone being issued a charge of domestic violence. New York takes these accusations very serious, and if convicted, an individual could receive severe punishments that include jail time, monetary fines, anger management programs, and counseling.

At Jason M. Barbara & Associates, P.C., our attorneys put 20 years of experience to building effective defense strategies against domestic violence charges and other criminal accusations. If you are facing a charge of domestic violence, you want a hard-hitting defense lawyer who has the skills and experience necessary to develop an effective strategy in your criminal case. Contact our firm today and learn more about how we may help!

Our criminal lawyers serve clients in Nassau County and nearby areas.
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Understanding Charges of Domestic Violence

Domestic charges may be filed by individuals who fall into any one of the following:

  • Spouses
  • Living together
  • Family members
  • Being intimate with one another

Domestic assault, harassment, and abuse are just a few of the different acts of domestic violence that a person may be charged with in New York. If convicted of any domestic violence offense, a person’s life can be impacted to the point that their future completely changes. With a mark on your criminal record, it may become extremely difficult, if not impossible, to advance your career and take advantage of all the opportunities available to you in the future.

The stigma attached to domestic violence can last a long time. The price you may pay in your personal life and professional life could leave permanent scars. With the help of a defense attorney who is well-versed in New York domestic violence laws, you may minimize the damage done and save your future and your career. Our criminal defense lawyers may help you take effective legal action from the moment you are arrested and guide you through the entire legal process.

Contact Jason M. Barbara & Associates, P.C. today!

Jason M. Barbara & Associates, P.C. knows how difficult it is dealing with domestic violence charges, and our we understand all of the negative effects such charges bring. Our Nassau County Domestic Violence Lawyers have helped many clients defend themselves before, and our experience and advocacy will help you too. We fight to protect our clients’ rights, and we have the tenacity and knowledge needed to pursue your interests to the fullest.

Are you searching for an attorney to defend you against charges of domestic violence in Nassau County? If you are facing domestic violence charges, call our office today at 516-406-8381 for a free consultation and get the legal advice you need to protect yourself.

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