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The Divorce Process in Nassau County

Our Nassau County Divorce Attorney Explains

Divorce in New York can take place in different ways depending on the circumstances of the filing parties. In some cases, both parties enter into a separation agreement, which is then later converted into a divorce action. Both parties sign the separation agreement, and various factors are decided upon.

In order for a divorce to be obtained based on a legal separation, the parties must live separately for a minimum of one year before filing an action for divorce.

Another way that divorce can be obtained is through the filing of an action for separation. This method is similar to the legal separation method, except that it is accomplished through the court system. Unless the estranged parties can make an agreement without court intervention, the court will decide on the terms of the divorce and then issue a decree or judgment of separation. In this situation, the parties must wait one year from the date of the judgment to file an action for divorce.

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No-Fault Divorce

The third and final way that divorce can be obtained is through the direct filing of divorce. In 2010, New York became the very last state in the country to allow no-fault divorce cases. What that means is that individuals wanting to file for divorce do not have to prove fault in order for the divorce to be obtained. All divorce requires is for one party to swear that an irretrievable breakdown of the relationship has been taking place for a minimum of six months. Prior to the divorce being granted, an agreement by the court must be made that involves decisions regarding the following terms:

Since each marriage and split is different, not all factors will be relevant for each case. At Jason M. Barbara & Associates, P.C., we can take the time to facilitate a resolution to your case based on the specific factors of your circumstances. We have 20 years of experience fighting for the most favorable outcomes for our clients. Regardless of the situation of your case, we can point you in the right direction to ensure that your rights are protected and the best interests of your child or children are safeguarded.

Pleadings in a Divorce Case

In a marital dissolution case, the pleadings include the complaint, the answer, and the reply. These steps are governed by New York Civil Practice Law and Rules §§ 3001 - 3045. Once the party filing for divorce makes the verified complaint, the verified answer will have to be brought forth, either in the affirmative or as a counterclaim. Motions and trial will then take place to make the decisions that will affect the remainder of all parties' futures. The final judgment will then be processed.

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