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Blog Posts in 2015

Big Changes for Alimony in New York

While divorce filings traditionally taper off in December and pick back up in January, December of 2015 can be the best time to officially end things– that is if you live in New York. Earlier ...
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Dealing With Children & Divorce During the Holidays

Are you a parent who's getting a divorce during the holidays? Well, you'll soon realize that your spouse is never completely out of your life. You will always be connected through your ...
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What Tax Deductions Will I Qualify for After Divorce?

As we approach the holidays, we realize that the year is nearly over and soon we're going to have to think about filing our taxes. If you think that your divorce will be final before the end of ...
Continue reading "What Tax Deductions Will I Qualify for After Divorce?" »

Ways to Protect Your Business from Divorce

Divorce is hard enough on couples who have to divide their personal assets, but it's even harder on couples who own a business. As an entrepreneur, you have more than just yourself to worry about, ...
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Billionaire Ken Griffin Reaches Divorce Settlement

On Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015, billionaire hedge fund manager, Ken Griffin, and his wife, Anne Dias Griffin finally reached a divorce settlement for their high-net worth divorce, putting an end to a ...
Continue reading "Billionaire Ken Griffin Reaches Divorce Settlement" »

How to Announce Your Divorce With Grace

Now that you are getting a divorce, you have to figure out how you're going to tell people. Once you start telling others, you're walking into a minefield for both personal and legal reasons. ...
Continue reading "How to Announce Your Divorce With Grace" »

Pope Francis Eases the Annulment Process

On Sep. 8, Pope Francis made sweeping changes to the process by which Catholics annul their marriages, streamlining a process that has been long thought as cumbersome and costly. The pope's move ...
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What to Do With the Rings in a Divorce

Are you getting a divorce and wondering what you're supposed to do with the rings now that you're splitting? This question enters the minds of almost every man and woman who get divorced, and ...
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Avoid These Financial Mistakes in Divorce

Considering that this is likely your first divorce, you're going to be faced with many decisions that will impact your financial security. You may be comfortable deciding on some issues on your ...
Continue reading "Avoid These Financial Mistakes in Divorce" »

Legalized Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce Equality

On June 26, 2015 the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states, thereby making the U.S. the 21st country to legalize same-sex marriage on a nationwide level. As gay rights ...
Continue reading "Legalized Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce Equality" »

What You Need to Know About Alimony & Taxes

If you are filing for divorce in Nassau County and there is a possibility that the family law judge handling your case may award alimony, otherwise known as spousal support or " maintenance ...
Continue reading "What You Need to Know About Alimony & Taxes" »

Social Security Benefits for Divorced Spouses

There are many emotional and financial consequences of divorce, some of which are long-lasting. Once such consequence is how divorce affects a spouse's Social Security benefits. Did you know that ...
Continue reading "Social Security Benefits for Divorced Spouses" »

NYC Woman Marries 10 Times, Never Filed for Divorce

Last month, NBC News reported that a New York City woman was facing felony charges after applying for and receiving 10 marriage licenses in New York. She received them all without divorcing her ...
Continue reading "NYC Woman Marries 10 Times, Never Filed for Divorce" »

Can Adultery in New York Affect Alimony?

It is widely known that cheating is one of the most common reasons why people get divorced. While some "no-fault" states such as California won't even consider cheating in a divorce ...
Continue reading "Can Adultery in New York Affect Alimony?" »

Money Issues to Remember in Divorce

We all know that marriage requires an emotional investment, however, even if spouses maintain separate bank accounts in a marriage, that doesn't change the fact that marriage is a huge ...
Continue reading "Money Issues to Remember in Divorce" »

Can I Ever Get a Judge to Reconsider the Ruling?

If you went to court and were dissatisfied with the judge's ruling, you may be wondering if there is any way to get the judge to reconsider the ruling. With civil matters, CPLR 2221 addresses what ...
Continue reading "Can I Ever Get a Judge to Reconsider the Ruling?" »

Big Business Rallies Behind Gay Marriage

On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court scheduled arguments on the combative issue of same-sex marriage for April 28. A ruling is expected to come in late June. In the meantime, 379 groups and businesses ...
Continue reading "Big Business Rallies Behind Gay Marriage" »

My Spouse Owned Our Residence Before We Got Married. What Are My Rights?

If you are getting a divorce and your spouse owned your residence before the marriage, you may be wondering, "What are my rights?" As a Nassau County divorce firm with 20 years of experience ...
Continue reading "My Spouse Owned Our Residence Before We Got Married. What Are My Rights?" »

Steps to Take if You Fear Parental Kidnapping

Sometimes when a couple divorces or a divorce is on the horizon, one of the parents intends to run off with the couple's children. Whether this means moving to another state, or out of the ...
Continue reading "Steps to Take if You Fear Parental Kidnapping" »

What Should I Do If My Spouse is Concealing Assets?

Many divorce clients find themselves suspecting that their spouse is hiding assets from court in order to protect them from redistribution. For some, it's just a hunch. For others, they're ...
Continue reading "What Should I Do If My Spouse is Concealing Assets?" »

Can I Change Attorneys in the Middle of a Divorce Trial?

For most people, going through a divorce is painful. Unfortunately, many spouses going through this process find themselves considering another kind of premature end, as well: firing their lawyer. Too ...
Continue reading "Can I Change Attorneys in the Middle of a Divorce Trial?" »

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