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Recent Posts in Child Custody Category

How to Make Child Custody Easier

When parents decide to divorce, in many cases they worry about their children. They worry about how the divorce will affect their kids, but they also worry about splitting custody and the “new ...
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Fighting for Custody? Beware of Moving Out

When parents file for divorce, they usually fall into two categories: those who know how their child custody arrangement is going to play out, and those who anticipate a child custody battle. Of ...
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Can Depression Impact Child Custody?

When someone is unhappily married, it's not unusual for them to experience feelings of: Sadness Hopelessness Anxiety Disappointment Resentment Depression, in severe cases If you've been ...
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Can a Father Win Custody in NY?

Historically, New York family courts were in the practice of awarding custody to mothers far more often than fathers. Just twenty years ago, this was certainly the case, but year by year, the ...
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What Qualifies as Child Neglect in New York?

Is your ex-husband or wife accusing you of child neglect and using that against you in a child custody action? Or, is a state agency claiming that you have been neglecting your children? If so, we ...
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Can a Child Choose in a New York Custody Case?

You may have heard that once a child turns 13, he or she can choose which parent to live with. While an older child's preference will certainly be given weight, it is not up to the child's ...
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How Relocation Affects Child Custody in NY

One thing that is for certain after a divorce, people's lives change. Former spouses may return to college, they may obtain a new job, or relocate, or they may even meet someone new and remarry. ...
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Can I Ever Get a Judge to Reconsider the Ruling?

If you went to court and were dissatisfied with the judge's ruling, you may be wondering if there is any way to get the judge to reconsider the ruling. With civil matters, CPLR 2221 addresses what ...
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Steps to Take if You Fear Parental Kidnapping

Sometimes when a couple divorces or a divorce is on the horizon, one of the parents intends to run off with the couple's children. Whether this means moving to another state, or out of the ...
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