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Our Blog

Fighting for Custody? Beware of Moving Out

When parents file for divorce, they usually fall into two categories: those who know how their child custody arrangement is going to play out, and those who anticipate a child custody battle. Of ...
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Will a New York Divorce Lead Me to Financial Ruin?

When we take on new clients, they almost always want to know what’s going to happen to their property. Their residence, 401k or IRA, stocks and bonds, CDs, vacation and rental properties, and ...
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Does a Cheating Spouse Leave a Digital Trail?

In criminal justice research, there’s a common thread – it’s a common belief that criminals always leave behind evidence. Cheating spouses, especially in this technological age are ...
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License Suspensions for Child Support Arrears in NY

When you think of suspended licenses, you may automatically think about how too many speeding tickets or a DWI conviction will lead to a driver license suspension. A DWI conviction can also lead to ...
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Why You Should Stay Off Social Media During Your Divorce

Many of us enjoy logging into various social media platforms and sharing our lives with friends, family, co-workers, and even acquaintances we might have only met a handful of times. From Facebook and ...
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Social Security Benefits & Divorce

You've probably heard about "long-term marriages" or marriages of long-duration. These are usually marriages that last 10 years or longer. If you've been married for over nine years ...
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Can Depression Impact Child Custody?

When someone is unhappily married, it's not unusual for them to experience feelings of sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, disappointment, resentment, and in severe cases, depression. If you've ...
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Calculating Maintenance in New York

You're probably familiar with the terms "alimony" or " spousal support," which both refer to money a higher-earning spouse pays to a lower-earning spouse after a divorce. In ...
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Your Divorce Checklist

Divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences you'll ever go through in your adult life, but a lot of that stress is based on paperwork and fear of the unknown. Fortunately, divorce ...
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Can a Father Win Custody in NY?

Historically, New York family courts were in the practice of awarding custody to mothers far more often than fathers. Just twenty years ago, this was certainly the case, but year by year, the ...
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A Lawyer's Advice to Divorced Fathers

Are you a father who is recently divorced? Or, are you and your wife about to file for divorce ? Either way, you're probably afraid of the divorce affecting your relationship with your children, ...
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Advice for Divorced Mothers

If you're seriously contemplating divorce, or if it was recently finalized, you may be in a scary place right now. Sure, you know the divorce is for the best, but you're still concerned about ...
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Orders of Protection in New York

If you are in an abusive marriage, you may want to consider obtaining an Order of Protection, especially if you have children in the home. What is an Order of Protection exactly and what can it do? It ...
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What Qualifies as Child Neglect in New York?

Is your ex-husband or wife accusing you of child neglect and using that against you in a child custody action? Or, is a state agency claiming that you have been neglecting your children? If so, we ...
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Is Spousal Maintenance Guaranteed in New York?

If you are headed towards a divorce on Long Island, spousal support may be at the top of your mind. If you're the higher earner, you may wonder, "Will I be ordered to financially support my ...
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Relocation Actions in New York

When people get divorced, they may not realize just how much things can change over time; however, the family courts are well-aware of this fact. After all, they've witnessed changes among ...
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How to Have an Easier Divorce

There's no candy-coating it – divorce can be very stressful for more reasons than one. Even when spouses know with all their hearts that the divorce is for the best, it can still hit them ...
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Nassau County Prenuptial Agreements

If you are wealthy, or if your fiancé is, one or both of you may be inclined to draw up a prenuptial agreement. In Nassau and Suffolk counties, prenuptial agreements are more common than in ...
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Don't Let Divorce Ruin Your Credit!

Unhappy spouses put off divorce for different reasons, such as waiting until the children move out, but one of the main reasons is because of money, isn't that right? Most of us have heard horror ...
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Prepare Now for Your January Divorce

Now that it's December, millions of Americans are looking back at 2016. Some are celebrating job promotions, while others are celebrating retiring. Some people welcomed a new child to their ...
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Should I Sell My Wedding Ring?

Your marriage is over for good, the divorce papers are filed and your ex packed his bags months ago. Should you sell your engagement and wedding rings, or should you put them someplace safe for now? ...
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Should I File Divorce After the Holidays?

Now that November has arrived, the holidays are officially just around the corner. From Thanksgiving until January 1st, our ordinary lives are suddenly filled with extra shopping, decorating, holiday ...
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Discovering Hidden Assets in a Divorce

If you're headed for a high-net worth divorce, you may be concerned about your spouse hiding assets in attempt to deny you your fair share of the marital assets. This is not unusual; according to ...
Continue reading "Discovering Hidden Assets in a Divorce" »

About Legal Separation in New York

Each state has enacted its own laws regarding divorce and legal separation. Some states do not allow couples to become "legally separated" but New York is one of the states that does. If you ...
Continue reading "About Legal Separation in New York" »

Information for Unmarried Fathers in New York

These days, more and more children are being born out of wedlock, meaning, a child's mother and father are not married at the time of birth. While there is little question about a child's ...
Continue reading "Information for Unmarried Fathers in New York" »

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