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Misdemeanor Offenses in Nassau County

Arrested for a misdemeanor offense?

A misdemeanor offense is a charge that the legislature has determined to be less serious than those it classifies as felonies. However, being accused of or charged with any crime can have a major impact on your life, regardless of how the criminal justice system classifies the offense. Misdemeanors can carry a potential jail sentence, and in some cases an accompanying fine, and they should be taken just as seriously as any other criminal charge.

If you are facing misdemeanor charges, no matter how seemingly minor, consult a knowledgeable Nassau County and Long Island criminal lawyer to minimize the negative effects that any such allegations can have on your record and on your life.

Types of Misdemeanors

Because of their position between felony offenses and infractions, crimes categorized as misdemeanors under New York law encompass a wide range of offenses.

Some of these include:

The maximum punishment for any misdemeanor in New York is twelve months in jail. However, jail time is typically reserved for Class A misdemeanors, which are considered to be one step below a felony charge. Class A charges include crimes such as assault, drug possession, and theft.

Additionally, the severity of the crime and the extent of prior offenses on your record can influence the likelihood of jail time. For example, non-violent offenses are less likely to include jail time as part of the punishment. Even individuals with no prior criminal record may still receive a jail sentence under some circumstances.

Depending on the county in which you are being prosecuted, you may even face jail time for a Class B misdemeanor, which includes offenses such as DWIs. Under any of these scenarios, it is imperative to be represented by a diligent criminal defense attorney who can assess the charges, and determine a strategy that will help you avoid jail if possible.

Contact Our Nassau County Criminal Lawyers

Due to the less severe classification of misdemeanors, courts can be more inclined to use alternatives to harsh jail terms for punishment, such as community service, probation, fines, jail on the weekends, or short sentences. An experienced criminal defense attorney can evaluate your case and develop a strategy designed to keep you out of jail, or in some cases, get the charges dismissed altogether.

If you have been accused of a misdemeanor, even if you have not yet been arrested or charged, contact the knowledgeable defense attorneys at Jason M. Barbara & Associates, P.C.

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