Prepare Now for Your January Divorce

Now that it's December, millions of Americans are looking back at 2016. Some are celebrating job promotions, while others are celebrating retiring. Some people welcomed a new child to their family, meanwhile others earned college degrees or started new businesses.

But then, there's a darker side to the annual reflection of the past year. Some people have "put on the pounds" and are vowing to drop the weight by the spring. Some have acknowledged drinking, shopping, or gambling addictions and they're determined to seek help in the New Year.

Others have realized that they're trapped in an unsatisfying, abusive, or hollow marriage and the first thing they're going to do come January is put in a call to a divorce attorney. If you're one of those people, we bet that you're unhappy because of one of the following reasons:

  • Infidelity,
  • You argue too much,
  • You married too young,
  • You have nothing in common,
  • Your spouse is abusive or controlling,
  • You have huge disagreements on parenting,
  • You argue about money a lot,
  • You love your spouse, but you're not in love with him or her,
  • You can't imagine spending the rest of your life in an unsatisfying marriage, or
  • You're over 50 and the children are moved out or in college, and you no longer feel that you have to stay unhappily married for the "sake of the kids."

If you have decided to file for divorce over the holidays or in January, it's in your best interest if you get the ball rolling now. Divorce is a big step and it can take an emotional toll, even when it's the absolute best move you can make.

As divorce attorneys, there's certain advice that we give everybody. For instance, when you file for divorce first, it's always to your advantage. One reason is because it allows you to be proactive, rather than reactive. Also, you're in a much better position to bestrategic when you're controlling the timing of the divorce.

Another important piece of advice – preparation is key! The more prepared you are, the better. When you come to your first appointment with all of your financial documents organized and copied, you're helping us help you.

When a client is organized, it drives down their legal fees because the divorce attorney doesn't have to spend as much time tracking down critical documentation, and everybody likes to save money.

If you're on the edge of divorce, contact our Nassau County divorce firm for a free consultation. Let us help you prepare for one of the biggest financial transitions of your life!