Advice for Divorced Mothers

If you're seriously contemplating divorce, or if it was recently finalized, you may be in a scary place right now. Sure, you know the divorce is for the best, but you're still concerned about your future and that's normal. In order to make the transition easier on you, we wanted to pass on some words of advice:

Give yourself time to mourn. Even if you've been thinking about divorce for years, that doesn't make it any easier when you actually pull the trigger. It's OK to mourn, just don't spend the next two years doing it. Your emotions may be raw and intense at first, but just accept the fact that it's normal and one day soon – you will get over it.

Find your support network. This can be a therapist, a counselor, your family, your church, books, or close friends. Some people find stress-relief through yoga and meditation. Just know that you need a support network to help you feel strong again.

Exercise hard. This is some of the best advice that doctors give people going through a divorce. By working out hard, you'll be able to combat anxiety and depression and in the meantime, you'll build strength and your self-confidence by getting in shape.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Seek advice from a divorce attorney. Ask your family and friends to help you pack boxes, mow the lawn, or watch the kids while you work. You are not superwoman and come to grips with the fact that you can't do everything alone.

Focus on your children. Go out of your way to pay extra attention to your children. Remember, divorce affects them too. If you're not sure how to help them cope with the divorce, you can ask a therapist or read books on the subject.

Don't try to buy your kids' happiness. A lot of divorcing parents make this mistake. They feel so bad about the divorce, they go out and guilt-buy their children a bunch of stuff they don't need. What your kids need is your love and attention, not stuff!

Expect things to change after the divorce. Be prepared, your life (or your ex's) may take some surprising turns after the divorce. If you imagine yourself single and travelling the world with your best friends, you may meet someone special who throws your plans off track. Or, your ex may re-marry much sooner than you expected.

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