How to Make Child Custody Easier

When parents decide to divorce, in many cases they worry about their children. They worry about how the divorce will affect their kids, but they also worry about splitting custody and the “new normal” being hard on everyone involved.

If you are a parent who is getting a divorce, we understand how the issues surrounding child custody can be stressful, but we also have some advice. There are certain things that you can do that will help the situation, which we discuss below.

Tips for Child Custody

This advice is for parents who will be co-parenting. If your case will involve sole custody or if a parent will be moving far away, these tips won’t apply. But if you are interested in developing a healthy, co-parenting relationship, here’s our advice:

  • Remember, your ex will be in your life for a very long time because you have children together. It’s better to treat each other with respect because it will make your lives and your children’s lives much easier.
  • If possible, live in the same school district. This makes drop-offs and pickups much more convenient. It also makes it easier to go to your children’s school and sporting events.
  • Be flexible with your ex when it comes to scheduling. It’s okay to help each other out with the kids when something important comes up, such as a job interview or having to travel for work.
  • Agree to invite each other to important events, such as birthday parties, parent-teacher conferences, dance recitals, football games, etc. The more active you both are in your children’s lives, the better.
  • Establish the same rules for bedtime, homework, chores, curfews, dating (for teenagers), etc. at both households, this way the children have consistency.
  • If you’re thinking of moving away from your kids, give the move serious thought. When you move several hours away or to another state, it can be very difficult to see your children. FaceTime and Skype simply cannot replace in-person interaction with your children.

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