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Why Is January Such a Big Month for Divorces?

Why Is January Such a Big Month for Divorces?

January is notoriously known as divorce month. Many relationship coaches, psychologists, and legal experts believe this is since couples cannot face getting divorced during the holidays, they wait until the new year. It could also be because the new year sparks a new beginning for people, which may push a couple to get divorced. Today, we go over the many reasons why January gets unofficially dubbed divorce month.

The Reasons Why the Divorce Rate Is So High in January

Stress levels rise during the holidays

Stress levels during the holidays exacerbate the stressors that already exist in a marriage. If a couple is struggling the holidays could make their situation worse. Other couples may hope that their spouse’s behavior will change over the holidays only to find themselves contemplating divorce when nothing shifts.

Tax issues

Before it comes time to file their tax returns, a couple may decide to get divorced to avoid the hassle of changing their tax return status from married to single. This is not a major reason for getting divorced, but it is a consideration.

To keep a united front during the holidays

If a couple is contemplating divorce, the chances of them announcing this over the holidays are slim. This is especially true if you have children and want them to have an enjoyable Christmas break. Couples with children may feel that they do not want to spoil the holidays for their kids by telling them they want to get divorced. Instead, many opt in to share this news after New Year’s Day.

Self-evaluation time

It is common for individuals to make New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of a new year. Many people want to focus on self-improvement, including ending unhealthy marriages. There is a correlation between starting a new year and giving yourself a fresh start as a newly single individual. A couple struggling in their marriage may feel prompted to consider divorce with the new year approaching.

Financial concerns

Whether it is due to the extra spending over the holidays or a lavish Christmas vacation, sometimes a couple waits until the holidays are done before announcing a divorce. Divorce can be expensive, so a couple may want to wait until January before deciding to move forward with the process. Additionally, since January marks a new year, many couples use that time to prioritize budgeting and spending habits. It might make sense for a couple to consider divorce costs during this time as well.

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